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The Basics Of Setting Up Downloadable Files On Your Website

Setting up files that are downloadable from your website is a very simple process. However, there are a couple of issues you will need to consider before choosing to do so. Security File size Since security is obviously the most important of these two issues, we will be discussing it first. Before we get into how to secure the files on your server, I would like to say, if it is a file you intend on selling, you should seriously consider using one of the many paid file delivery service........ Read More

How To Put Video On Your Website: The Basics

Video is an extremely powerful medium. If you use eye-catching videos on your website chances are you will capture your website visitor's interest. Moreover, if you put video on your webpages, search engines will love you and will push your website in the top pages of their search results. There are a lot of ways to implement videos on your website. Let's discuss some basic issues in this article. You have two options (from the website visitor's perspective) when you want to put video on y........ Read More

Free Website Hosting Vs. Paid Website Hosting Basics

Web site hosting service companies on the Internet permit the user to make their web site accessible through the World Wide Web. There are huge numbers of companies that offer web space on their server for their customers and also offer Internet connectivity in general in a data center. There can be various types of web site hosting companies. The main classification is the free web site hosting and the paid web site hosting service companies. In case of free web site hosting, the user has th........ Read More

Website Basics: Taking Your Templature

The use of template designs in website creation can be an important way to speed up the process while maintaining a quality website design. This can be accomplished at a fraction of the cost of ‘reinventing the wheel’ of site design. One of the myths of site design is that it needs to be 100% unique. The truth is a template can generally be customized in such a way as to be perceived as something altogether new. Site design can borrow from the successes of today’s site creation techn........ Read More

Basic Website Design Service

There are many people who are interested in having an internet presence, however are looking for a just a cheap basic website. This article describes how to find a very cheap web design company. There are many people and companies offering a web design service. It should therefore be quite simple to find a very good deal. There is a market for a basic web design service and in my opinion you should be able to obtain a website for under a £100. Please feel free to contact me if you are unable t........ Read More

Do Tradesmen Like Plumbers Need A Basic Website?

The answer to the above question, “Do tradesmen like plumbers need a basic website?” is a resounding “yes!” Even tradesmen can benefit from having an easy-to-navigate, informative website. Small traders gain a number of advantages when they use a web builder to create an informative website. In fact, it may be surprising to find out just how many benefits a business can derive by promoting their business on the Internet. Let’s review some of the benefits one derives from using a web bu........ Read More

Learn The Seo Basics Guidelines For Your Online Website

It is not very difficult to understand Search Engine optimization and yet it is very important. There are some things that you can do to help your site do better on the Search Engines. When you are getting started with Search Engine optimization you really should not worry about all of the jargon that is used. The point here is to make things simpler so that Search Engines will like your site better. There is a pattern and a reason to everything that a Search Engine does. Even if you are u........ Read More


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