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A Basic Web Hosting Walkthrough

If you are relatively new to the concept of having your very own place on the web this article may help fill you in on some of the basics. There are two main categories of web hosting that I am going to cover in this article. The first is dedicated hosting and the second is shared hosting. The second type ,shared hosting, I usually break down into paid and free. Normally, unless you are a very special person, you can't get dedicated hosting for free. Before I break down the hosting types, howe........ Read More

The Little Web Hosting Service That Shouldn't

Is bigger better? Everyone has their own opinion on that, including web hosting companies. They say it is. That's why when you look at their hosting packages, the feature list goes on and on and on. You'd think they cover their customers in gold with how much they apparently give away. Mail accounts, shopping carts, disk space, diesel generators - the works! But wait, along with that huge list of items you get, comes that huge price. Maybe you think you need all that stuff, though, so the pri........ Read More

What Is Web Hosting

Web hosting is a type of Internet hosting service that offers businesses, individuals, organizations, and user with systems online for retrieving, storing information, images, or graphic/s, movie/s. video/s, or clip/s and textual content that is easily available through the Web (WWW). Internet web hosting service/s are businesses or can be organizations private or public or even an individual/s that is their own IT department. We provide storage or space on a server (some may no it as a direct........ Read More

The Art Of Reselling Web Hosting

Should you consider reselling web hosting? Is it the business for you? If that is the question you are asking yourself, you have come to the right place. Think about this question now, if you would, without web hosting would the internet exist? The answer, sure the capabilities might exist, but without hosting space, would we have websites? No. Would we have the ability to go shopping online from the comforts of our home? No. Would we have the ease and convenience of doing online ........ Read More

Linux Web Hosting May Be The Answer

There are many solutions for your web hosting needs, and Linux web hosting may be the answer to all of the questions you have ever had about the world of the Internet web hosting. In this article, you will read about the basics of Linux web hosting and the advantages that Linux web hosting will give for the personal or business web users. Linux is also known as GNU/Linux. Linux is an operating system for computers that remains one of the most common examples of free software. Linux was designe........ Read More

Web Hosting: Portals

One lone computer in a business is useful. When that computer is connected to a second computer a small network is developed that allow files and information to be more readily shared. Large companies have hundreds or thousands of computers tied together in a company-wide network that speeds many processes along. This concept is a microcosm of what it means to develop a network known as the World Wide Web or Internet. The Internet is a connection of computers linked through servers for the........ Read More

Are Free Web Site Hosting Accounts Really Free?

here are a lot of so called free web site hosting companies out there touting their services. While the accounts offered by many of these web hosting providers are free to use, there are sometimes hidden costs that can leave you wasting both time and money. If you want to build web sites that are truly free, you are going to have to carefully evaluate the services before signing up. Special considerations to keep in mind when shopping for web hosting providers include: Reliability You can........ Read More

Adult Web Hosting: The Right Way To Do It

It’s still one of the greatest moneymakers on the web. It still gets more traffic than most other web-based industries. So if you’re considering starting an adult website, it is certainly no wonder why. With some business acumen, a bit of ethics, and certain knowledge of the law, you can make quite a living in the adult web hosting industry. The focus of this article is the legalities of running an adult website -- or how to run an adult website without getting yourself in a whole heap of tr........ Read More

How To Transfer Your Web Site To A New Web Hosting Service?

There are divergent reasons why an online commotion owner savvy you has settled to stud to a farther interlacing hosting providers. Your patriarchal net hosting provider prevalent has very poor technical support, or their web server is always down, or may be your old web hosting provider cannot meet your hosting requirements anymore or you could have discovered a cheaper web hosting service?and etc. Regardless of the reasons, now you have found a new web hosting service and you need to transfer ........ Read More

Free Domain Name & Cheap Web Hosting Review

Free realm names and cheap mesh hosting plans are all since the web! In fact, slick are thousands and thousands of lattice hosting providers, universe wide, that advance unrecompensed crown names & cheap web hosting. Luckily, the InfoDogs have blase weeks searching the universe made passable net and carefully reviewing the elite cuffo division names and tawdry mesh hosting plans. Free county names are the easy; you either achieve one or you don't. (We'll focus on the web hosting providers ........ Read More

What Is Web Hosting?

How does a web page make its way to the internet? Well, it has to be designed first. A person who wishes to do so would use various codes and tools to develop a web page. It isn’t necessarily a ‘web page’ just yet. The only people who could view the webpage at this point are those who have access to the computer where it is saved. It can be uploaded for computers in a local network to view. However, if it is the designer’s goal to expose it to the world, or to the millions who view th........ Read More

Starting Web Hosting

The whole concept of web hosting is quite interesting. When you visit a website a web page is shown. This web page is downloaded from the server where web site is hosted to your web browser. A website contains many web pages which are made up of graphic images and texts. These web pages are stored on the server and are downloaded to web browser when somebody needs to view them. So if you intend to host a website then first thing which you must have is a web host who will be providing you the ........ Read More

Tips On Purchasing Web Hosting Plan With Discounted Price

When a web hosting company is offering $6.95 hosting plan… does this mean that you have to pay $6.95? The answer is yes and no. If you directly clicked on sign up and order now, you are absolutely paying for the full price. And you can’t get any deal or extra offers. I going to teach you how and where to look for extra offers. First of all, if the hosting plan sign up page is asking for coupon code or promo code, then you are lucky. Search at google for coupon code. For example, Hostican ........ Read More

Web Hosting Companies Is One The Best?

With all of the web hosting companies available it is difficult to know if on company is better than another. and to make matters worse, most of the review sites seem to be driven more by who pays the highest commission rather than who actually does the best job for you or your business. This article makes no claim that the web hosting company recommended is perfect for every type of online venture, for example for a really large company like a bank, or a supermarket this company probably won........ Read More

Site5 Web Hosting Review

I have been hosting some of my websites with Site5 for about a year now. I also have other websites hosted in other web hosting companies. Here is my review for site5 based on my own personal experience with them Why I choose Site5 I got to know about Site5 through the webhostingtalk forums. At that time, I was searching for a reliable and reputable cheap web hosting company for a couple of my new websites. And I’ve heard a lot of good reviews about Site5 and so decide to try them out. ........ Read More


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